[Tahoe-dev] Anonymity in the mesh

Peter Secor secorp at secorp.net
Sun Apr 29 06:14:31 UTC 2007

To quote from the architecture document 

"There is no attempt made to provide anonymity, neither of the origin of 
a piece of data nor the identity of the subsequent downloaders. In 
general, anyone who already knows the contents of a file will be in a 
strong position to determine who else is uploading or downloading it. 
Also, it is quite easy for a coalition of more than 1% of the nodes to 
correlate the set of peers who are all uploading or downloading the same 
file, even if the attacker does not know the contents of the file in 

Out of interest, what schemes can be used to provided anonymity for 
uploaders and downloaders of files? What would make it be possible to 
provide a storage area that can be used anonymously?


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