[Tahoe-dev] beta testers

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Tue Jul 24 17:14:03 UTC 2007

I received this message from Alex Burr, and got his permission to  
forward it.  His proposal sounds like an excellent target user base  
to beta-test a version of Tahoe which has a slightly friendlier UI.

And yes, I do think that Tahoe would benefit from this sort of beta- 
testing within a couple of months.



Begin forwarded message:

> From: "Alex Burr" <Alex.Burr at broadcom.com>
> Date: July 24, 2007 5:04:36 AM MDT
> To: zooko at zooko.com
> Subject: tahoe
> Reply-To: aburr at broadcom.com
> Hi Zooko,
>  I was interested to read about tahoe, which you mentioned on  
> #revctrl. I had been vaguely thinking about writing something like  
> that. I was going to call it 'buddy backup', which might be a  
> useful phrase to use in descriptions of tahoe. But perhaps more  
> interesting to you is that I had a target user base in mind: book  
> authors. I hang out on www.sff.net, where a lot of authors hang  
> out, and many of them comment about their anxiety about backups.  
> Because books take ages to write, and authors usually work on their  
> own and have to be their own IT admins, backing up is a huge issue,  
> many back up in two or three different ways, and would probably be  
> very interested in tahoe
> as an easy way of getting backups out of the house without having  
> to trust yahoo or someone. They would probably need a UI, though,  
> as many of them aren't very technical.
> Once you think tahoe is ready for a non-technical audience,  
> mentioning tahoe on sffnet - probably somewhere like  
> sff.tech.software (http://webnews.sff.net/read? 
> cmd=xover&group=sff.tech.software&from=-10 ), would be a good way  
> to sign up some early adopters, especially if someone offers to do  
> some handholding.
> Alex

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