[tahoe-dev] default port number -- 8123 or 8011 or something else?

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Thu Oct 11 17:14:01 UTC 2007


I earlier googled around for port numbers and looked at the IANA  
registry and decided that port 8123 was a reasonable choice for  
looking webish, being only 4 digits, and being unlikely to collide  
with anything else.

That's what Tahoe v0.6 suggests in its docs and defaults.  Oh, but I  
see that I accidentally left "8011" in the webapi.txt.

Both 8011 and 8123 are at the start of a small run of "unassigned" by  

If I google for "port 8123" I get 370 hits and if I google for "port  
8011" I get 720 hits, so I propose to change all of our docs and  
defaults to use port 8123.

Speak now if you know of any better port number to settle on as a  
default.  I would like for it to be only 4 digits long.



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