[tahoe-dev] darcs conflicts FAQ

Brian Warner warner at allmydata.com
Wed Oct 31 18:23:46 UTC 2007

Speaking of which, I noticed yesterday that the most recent version of
Mercurial now supports darcs-style incremental/interactive patch recording.
It's a bit clunky (you have to hit Return after each "Y"), but one of my
biggest regrets about mercurial is now gone. The other one is still there
(not being able to easily cherry-pick changes to move into a new branch), but
I'm not sure how important it really is to me.

My thought is to create a parallel hg tree after the next release (using a
one-way darcs->hg tailor, or perhaps with hg's built-in import
functionality), and see what it'd be like to work with.

no pressure, mind you :)

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