[tahoe-dev] friendnet introduction

Zooko O'Whielacronx At Work zooko at allmydata.com
Fri Sep 7 22:22:54 UTC 2007


Here are some notes about the intended user interface for introduction.

When you install and run a Tahoe node, the welcome page has a form  
that says "In order to invite someone to connect to your Tahoe node,  
enter your pet name for them here: _______, and click this button:  

When you click the [Invite] button it produces a page which contains  
text that you should cut and paste and send to your friend.  The text  
says something like:

I invite you to connect to my Tahoe node.  To accept this invitation,  
click on the link below:


If clicking on the link doesn't work, please paste it into your Tahoe  
node in the "accept an invitation" form.

There is also a form for accepting, which says:

To accept an invitation to connect to someone else's Tahoe node,  
enter the invitation URL here: ________, and click this button:  

Now whenever you have extended an invitation to a friend and they  
have accepted your invitation, then they appear in your list of  
friends.  This list is a table that looks something like this:

Pet name / nodeid / IP addr / total disk space used
-------- / ------ / ------- / ---------------------
Bob / hrtshaxsf12o / / 2 GiB
Carol / usnxjuds4oao / / 10 GiB

Okay, how does that sound so far?  :-)



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