[tahoe-dev] friendnet introduction

Nathan nejucomo at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 22:45:52 UTC 2007

The proposed introduction UI sounds great.  Once we get it working as
described, I'd really like to streamline the flow for greatest user

The rest of this email is a browser-webui integration feature
proposal, which is quite a tangent for the Tahoe project.  However, it
would be a boon for it (as well as many other apps):

I'd really like to see a URL standard for localhost web interfaces
that was service-name oriented, so that instead:


-we could use:


-which all browsers would understand.

If a service named Tahoe wasn't installed, the browser would inform
the user when they click on that link (possibly directing them to a
browser extension page).

Compare that to the current situation where we must guess the port
number, and if we guess incorrect or they aren't running Tahoe, they
get a cryptic message about "the server is not responding because the
network is down, you typed the address wrong, or your firewall is

The browser would have a configurable mapping from localservice names
to some means of connecting to an http server port for each.

Something like: Service 'tahoe' is at localhost:1234 and can be
launched by running "allmydata-tahoe start".

Furthermore, there could be an installation/configuration interface,
such that when you run the browser after installing Tahoe for the
first time, the browser pops up a dialog saying: "Would you like to
enable a new service called 'tahoe'?"

Maybe I'll go bug the Firefox folks about this.  ;-)


On 9/7/07, Zooko O'Whielacronx At Work <zooko at allmydata.com> wrote:
> Folks:
> Here are some notes about the intended user interface for introduction.
> When you install and run a Tahoe node, the welcome page has a form
> that says "In order to invite someone to connect to your Tahoe node,
> enter your pet name for them here: _______, and click this button:
> [Invite].".
> When you click the [Invite] button it produces a page which contains
> text that you should cut and paste and send to your friend.  The text
> says something like:
> """
> I invite you to connect to my Tahoe node.  To accept this invitation,
> click on the link below:
> http://localhost:9898/accept/
> xextf3eap44o3wi27mf7ehiur6wvhzr6207.7.153.180:56677,
> If clicking on the link doesn't work, please paste it into your Tahoe
> node in the "accept an invitation" form.
> """
> There is also a form for accepting, which says:
> """
> To accept an invitation to connect to someone else's Tahoe node,
> enter the invitation URL here: ________, and click this button:
> [Accept].
> """
> Now whenever you have extended an invitation to a friend and they
> have accepted your invitation, then they appear in your list of
> friends.  This list is a table that looks something like this:
> """
> Pet name / nodeid / IP addr / total disk space used
> -------- / ------ / ------- / ---------------------
> Bob / hrtshaxsf12o / / 2 GiB
> Carol / usnxjuds4oao / / 10 GiB
> """
> Okay, how does that sound so far?  :-)
> Regards,
> Zooko
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