[tahoe-dev] a fundamental problem

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Fri Sep 14 07:23:47 UTC 2007

Somebody in the thread at some point said:

>> they do they become a subpoena target which can be expensive and  
>> threaten the company's reputation. If they don't have access to the  
>> encryption key it is hard to ensure availability of the backup.  
>> That is a hard choice to make.

It's not a hard choice at all, it's freaking obvious.

Do you own the storage the users' data is on?

Do you have any say or control over what data is placed on that storage
you don't own?

Are the users or the storage all under the "don't give me any of that
juris-my-dick-tion crap" of US Courts?

Why would you put yourself in the position of responsible for providing
third-party access to it then.


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