[tahoe-dev] Look out! There's a Tahoe v0.6 coming in fast!

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Mon Sep 17 22:23:11 UTC 2007


We're planning to put out Tahoe v0.6 this week!

Here is basically what we've changed since v0.5.1.  This list might  
not be complete.

  * setuptools and easy_install -- tickets #82, #93, #130

    This isn't quite finished -- we still need to update the docs and  
upload the packages to the Python Cheeseshop (http://pypi.python.org).

  * distribute shares more evenly onto servers -- ticket #132

    This makes files a lot more reliable when there are fewer than...  
let's say... somewhere around... I dunno... 50 servers.

  * shares have a version number in them -- ticket #90

    This means that if in the future we release a version of Tahoe  
which uses a different format for the shares on disk, we can provide  
backwards compatibility with shares that were uploaded with Tahoe  
v0.6.  But this breaks backwards compatibility between Tahoe < v0.6  
and Tahoe >= v0.6.

  * more better unit tests and input validation -- patch [1194],  
[1171], ticket #124

    Thanks to wilcoxjg, nejucomo, Brian.

  * added a provisioning utility -- patch [1160]

   Helps you plan how much disk space, bandwidth, etc. you need.

Here are the things that we intend to do before releasing v0.6:

1.  Finish the doc, testing, porting from the "setuptools" changes --  
tickets #10, #42 (and other such work not ticketed).

2.  Run Tahoe under a Python profiler and see if there is some easy  
performance optimization awaiting our attention.

3.  Make a page hit counter and download counter -- ticket #13

I'm excited about the imminent Tahoe v0.6 release!  If anybody wants  
to jump in with contributions, now is the time!  No major code  
changes will go into the v0.6 release, but they will be happily  
accepted for the v0.7 release.  For the v0.6 release, I would be  
happy to get testing (especially of the distribution/packaging/ 
installing/building process and its documentation), performance  
measurements (upload/download speed, memory usage, CPU usage, disk  
usage), and profiling.



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