[tahoe-dev] timestamps (was: collective effort to improve logging)

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Mon Sep 17 22:28:02 UTC 2007

> Well, one small but subtle feature to point out is that this  
> expanded form
> gives no suggestion as to whether it is UTC or localtime. I  
> guarantee that at
> least one person will look in their tahoe logs and say "whoa, why  
> is my clock
> running so slow?" (and at least one person in europe who will think  
> their
> clock is fast).

Good point.

So far we've had code contributions from Berlin.DE, Lahore.PK, and at  
least two timezones of US.

The official way to denote UTC time in ISO-8601 costs only one char  
-- it is to append a "Z".




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