[tahoe-dev] wanted: RPM package wrangler

Arno Waschk hamamatsu at gmx.de
Sun Sep 23 09:07:51 UTC 2007

thanks to darcs i needed to check out the whole thing again. after pull  
almost all .py files were gone, except for most allmaydata ones.
when does this lethal darcs disappear?


Am 22.09.2007, 19:10 Uhr, schrieb zooko <zooko at zooko.com>:

> Folks:
> Tahoe is packaged with setuptools [1] now, and one of the many
> features of setuptools appears to be that if you run:
> python ./setup.py bdist_rpm
> Then it should produce an RPM for you!
> Does anyone out there have Fedora, or another RPM-using system, and
> they can try this command?
> If you do, and the resulting RPM works, then we'll upload it to
> pypi.python.org and you'll earn a place in the Tahoe CREDITS file.
> Regards,
> Zooko
> [1] http://peak.telecommunity.com/DevCenter/setuptools
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