[tahoe-dev] Roadmap -- v0.6.1 and v0.7

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Tue Sep 25 04:50:38 UTC 2007


Check out the Roadmap on the trac:


I've organized a bunch of tickets by assigning them to the "v0.6.1"  
Milestone, whose target date is two weeks from now, and the "v0.7.0"  
Milestone, whose target date is four weeks from now.

The v0.6.1 Milestone is focussed on packaging, documentation,  
performance, and security review.  (Although so far it looks like we  
already perform so well on most axes that it will be hard to do  
better.  However, Brian is automating and graphing various  
measurements of performance, which will be very good to have in the  
long run.  One axis of performance on which we have not yet  
demonstrated success is scalability.)

The v0.7 Milestone is focussed on the big cluster of features:  
introduction, resource management, friendnet policy, deletion,  
garbage collection, friendnet user interface, etc.

I think that I'll need to move some tickets off into a later  
Milestone in order for the v0.7 Milestone to have a good chance of  
hitting its target date, but I'm not sure which ones.

Anybody who particularly cares about some of these tickets -- now is  
the time to jump in and move them forward!



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