[tahoe-dev] eating my own dog food -- Zooko's hlog

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Fri Aug 1 18:47:59 UTC 2008

On Jul 31, 2008, at 13:21 PM, Aleksandr Milewski wrote:

> There are a couple of bugs that I've noticed in the current
> implementation. At the same time, there is a newer version (2.4) of
> TiddlyWiki. I'd like to ask Zooko if he can express his changes to TW
> as a patch that I can try to work into 2.4, and we can debug from  
> there.

A TiddlyWiki hacked named FND helpfully provided this "plugin" which  
causes TiddlyWiki to save itself via HTTP.  However, I have not tried  
this on Tahoe yet, nor have I tried it on the new (2.4) version of  

Hope this helps!

If it doesn't help, I hope someone fixes it.  ;-)




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