[tahoe-dev] idea for tiddly-on-top-of-tahoe improvement: secure history

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Fri Aug 8 17:27:59 UTC 2008


The standard way to do TiddlyWiki-on-top-Tahoe, e.g. [1], means that  
every time you click "save changes" it uploads a new immutable file  
containing the new version of the file, and then it changes the link  
in the parent directory to stop pointing to the old version and start  
pointing to the new version.

This is an unfortunate waste of space, since we don't yet have  
garbage collection and the ciphertext of the old version will now  
endure forever (or until we implement garbage collection), but that  
ciphertext is useless because the decryption key to turn that  
ciphertext into the old version of your wiki has been destroyed.

Zandr pointed out to me that this would be a *good* thing if the  
Tiddly Wiki save function would keep a copy of the hyperlink to the  
immutable file of the previous version.  Then instead of being  
garbage, it would be a complete, secure, append-only history of  
earlier versions of the wiki.

This is another cool feature that I am hoping some Javascript/ 
TiddlyWiki expert becomes interested in at some point, because as my  
hlog shows [1], I need to focus on checker/verifier/repairer...



[1] http://tahoebs1.allmydata.com:8123/uri/URI:DIR2- 

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