[tahoe-dev] Sucessfully Installed on 10.5.4

David Evans dave at digicraft.com
Wed Aug 13 19:44:45 UTC 2008

Got it running, thanks Zooko. Have uploaded a few files and created  
some directories.

I am not super-technical but I do have a few initial questions and  

I am behind NAT but I have open DDR firmware for Linksys router, how  
to I punch through or forward port 8123 so I don't appear as behind NAT?

Should I skip it and just run Tahoe at my webhost instead instead of  
adding documents to my local machine? I am at MediaTemple. A grid  
running on a grid ;-)

Why are the configuration settings all in separate files? PITA to  
manage all of them, why not consolidate? Create a default config file  
and comment the hell out of out.

How can I move a file in the filesystem? I wanted to move a file I  
already uploaded into a new directory I created, but ended up just  
deleting the file and re-uploading.

I want to tweak the CSS and html that creates the client page. What  
are the exact files I need to tweak to throw in a header image, add  
some formatting, etc?

What happens when the system is updated, I don't want my customized  
pages getting trashed. I love the new Wordpress updaters plugin, it  
updates the code but not the content, is that how Tahoe is upgraded?

Keep up the great work, my brain hurts thinking about the possibilities.


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