[tahoe-dev] Sucessfully Installed on 10.5.4

Nathan nejucomo at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 17:12:55 UTC 2008

Hi David,

I have a suggestion with respect to creating custom page displays, see below:

On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 12:44 PM, David Evans <dave at digicraft.com> wrote:


> I want to tweak the CSS and html that creates the client page. What
> are the exact files I need to tweak to throw in a header image, add
> some formatting, etc?

One possibility is to create HTML which uses the Tahoe WAPI and upload
them onto the grid.  This might initially be a fair amount of work,
but would have some intriguing properties.

To be more specific, you could create an html+javascript page for
directory display that uses XMLHttpRequest against the WAPI.  This
front-end page could be a general directory display which would work
against any directory cap string.

Next you would upload this page to a Tahoe grid, and then hand out the
read-only capability to anyone who wanted to use that "skin".

Some interesting properties:

You could share this skin with anyone on the Tahoe grid.
You could upgrade the code of this skin independently of the Tahoe codebase.
Users could choose whether to use this skin, or the basic Tahoe wui,
or a different skin.

> What happens when the system is updated, I don't want my customized
> pages getting trashed. I love the new Wordpress updaters plugin, it
> updates the code but not the content, is that how Tahoe is upgraded?

The skin design I propose above makes this a non-issue, because the
skin's code is stored within the grid and is separate from the client

I'm not that experienced with CSS and UI design on the web, but I do
have experience both with the Tahoe WAPI and with javascript/ajax
browser-side stuff.  If you'd like to collaborate on create a
proof-of-concept skin on the experimental grid, I'd be interested.

> Keep up the great work, my brain hurts thinking about the possibilities.

I know what you mean.  Fun stuff, eh?

> Dave

Nathan Wilcox

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