[tahoe-dev] Adding templates including output code to the grid

David Evans dave at digicraft.com
Thu Aug 14 19:41:34 UTC 2008

Nathan, thanks for the info. I can cobble together the html/CSS, it's  
the JS/Ajax stuff that I'm not familiar enough with to want to take on.

I see two options at this point:

1)Build a simple html template, header, body, sidebar and footer,  
detailed enough so that people can read the source and see what chunks  
of code represent what output. Then they can go crazy with CSS and do  
whatever they want.

2) Someone with the time and skills could create the chunks of output  
code, comment the heck out of them and then share them on the grid and  
those of us who know layout/CSS/html at varying levels can paste the  
chunks into our own templates.

Wrapping this up in a simple Wordpress, Drupal, module down the road  
would be great. My thought is to get the tools into people's hands who  
are not concerning themselves with the plumbing, more thinking about  
opportunities, cool stuff to do, demos, etc.

I waited years for OpenID to get far enough along that us regular  
leading edge folks could start to play around with it. 80 people  
arguing about security protocols is incredibly important, but just  
give me the API to play around with and brainstorm. Let's not waste  
any time this time around.

Working at a solution from both ends tends to get stuff done faster  

Many might disagree with my take on this, but I wanted to address my  
POV early on rather than later.

You can also say, "Dave this is not ready for you to run with yet.  
Wait for another few releases and we'll have something you can go  

Terrell, what do you think?

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