[tahoe-dev] Adding templates including output code to the grid

Terrell Russell terrellrussell at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 03:45:14 UTC 2008

David Evans wrote:
> Nathan, thanks for the info. I can cobble together the html/CSS, it's  
> the JS/Ajax stuff that I'm not familiar enough with to want to take on.
> Working at a solution from both ends tends to get stuff done faster  
> Many might disagree with my take on this, but I wanted to address my  
> POV early on rather than later.
> You can also say, "Dave this is not ready for you to run with yet.  
> Wait for another few releases and we'll have something you can go  
> evangelize."
> Terrell, what do you think?

Thanks Dave,

I'm all for getting the front-end more friendly and pushing the
mechanics behind a curtain of 'details' (for inspection, if interested).

I've poked around enough with interaction design to have opinions, so
yes, please take a stab at something, and we'll run from there.

As well, I'll be in SF on Saturday for WordCamp and would love to push
on having a basic integration with Wordpress (and DiSo, for that matter)
become a reality.

I'm only in the area for a couple more weeks (summer contract is up
soon, and school needs to get finished).



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