[tahoe-dev] paper describing Tahoe for the Storage Security and Survivability Workshop

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Mon Aug 18 23:21:04 UTC 2008


Here is the final version of the paper:

"Tahoe -- The Least-Authority Filesystem"



Tahoe is a system for secure, distributed storage.  It uses  
capabilities for
access control, cryptography for confidentiality and integrity, and  
coding for fault-tolerance.  It has been deployed in a commercial  
backup service
and is currently operational.  The implementation is Open Source.

This final version of the paper has colorful crypto diagrams thanks  
to Josh Wilcox. The diagrams plus the edits suggested by the  
StorageSS reviewers have made this into a much clearer summary of the  
Tahoe architecture.

It also contains graphs showing how many connected users, total  
files, and aggregate file size is stored on the allmydata.com grid,  
thanks to Peter.

I'm excited about getting this paper peer reviewed and published into  
the scientific literature, and I look forward to presenting it at the  
big security conference in October.

Comments are welcome!



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