[tahoe-dev] Noob questions

George Goodman georgegoodman at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 03:14:47 UTC 2008


I am considering using  Allmydata "Tahoe" in a project I am developing
and I have a few questions that I hope can be answered here.

In the architecture.txt document I read " This means that shares are
not ever deleted in this release".

On the about.html document I read that a user can have read-write or
read-only capability on a file or directory. I also understand that
files/directories may be either mutable or immutable.

So for the questions:

Is it correct to assume that the user who initially uploads/creates a
file or directory automatically will have read-write capability?

Is it correct to assume that the quote from architecture.txt means
that "shares are never deleted due to lease expiration" but that they
may be deleted by a user who has read-write capability?

IOW if a user has read-write capability on either a mutable or
immutable object, is he able to actually delete that object?

Thanks in advance.



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