[tahoe-dev] deleting encryption key vs. deleting ciphertext (was: Noob questions)

George Goodman georgegoodman at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 03:22:48 UTC 2008

Hi Zooko,

Thanks for the help.

> If you can tell us a bit about the project that you are developing,
> I would be interested to hear about it.

Unfortunately it's under wraps at the moment, but I will eventually be
able to tell :)

> You are correct that a user who initially uplodas/creates a mutable
> file or a directory automatically gets the read-write cap to that
> directory.

Ok, thanks

> The confusion lies in the fact that the section of
> architecture.txt that you were reading is talking about deleting
> ciphertext to free up disk space for re-use, while deleting a read-cap
> means deleting the encryption key, thus making the ciphertext
> indecipherable.

Ok, so to be clear, I understand that if I have read-write cap I can
delete the cap making the data inaccessible, but currently there is no
way of freeing up disk space, all data remains on the servers

What of an immutable fie/directory? I assume that for such an object
the cap is read-only. Can I delete that cap?

If I wish to manage the volume of data on the server(s), I assume I
can use mutable files, and simply replace  "large" data files with
tiny ones. So for example if I have a mutable 1GB file, and I have
read-write cap, can I  replace it with a 1KB file and consequently
recover the space on the server?



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