[tahoe-dev] fuse_a: Update tests/impl for tahoe 1.0.0

Nathan nejucomo at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 03:31:56 UTC 2008

News on fuse (fuse_a for linux, that is):

The attached patch updates the fuse_a implementation to work with
tahoe 1.0.0-r2528 and ubuntu's python-fuse 1:0.2-pre3-3.

The tests only test readability of the fuse interface.  Write is not

If you try this implementation, please let me know about documentation
issues or other confusion.  I've attempted to make the interface

I suggest running the associated runtests.py first on your system.  If
something fails, send me the output.

My plan for fuse for tahoe:

1. Play with Armin Rigo's implementation (aka "fuse_b").
2. Get access to an OS X machine and play with the macfuse interface.
3. Extend runtests.py to run against those interfaces.
4. Integrate runtests.py into the standard tahoe test framework.
5. Add write operation tests.
6. Add writeability to either fuse_a or fuse_b (depending on which
requires less work or has a better design.)

Happy data shuffling,
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