[tahoe-dev] [ANN] Foolscap-0.2.8 released

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Wed Jun 4 22:56:35 UTC 2008

I've just released Foolscap-0.2.8 . This is a minor bugfix release,
which also updates the setuptools-visible dependencies in a way that
makes it slightly easier for other projects (like Tahoe) to declare
that they need foolscap's cryptographic properties. The full release
notes are attached below.

Foolscap is a Twisted-friendly remote object protocol, a descendant of
Perspective Broker, with improved security properties, third-party
references, adaptable serialization, and other useful features. Please
visit http://foolscap.lothar.com/trac for more details.

have a groovy day,

* Release 0.2.8 (04 Jun 2008)

** Compatibility: exactly the same as 0.2.6

** setuptools dependencies updated

Foolscap (when built with setuptools) now uses the "extras_require" feature
to declare that it needs pyOpenSSL if you want to use the
"secure_connections" feature. This makes easy_install easier to use in
projects that depend upon Foolscap (and also insist upon using secure
connections): they do not need to declare a dependency on pyOpenSSL
themselves, instead they declare a dependency on
"Foolscap[secure_connections]". See the following documentation for more

** New RemoteReference.getPeer() method

The new rref.getPeer() method will return address information about the far
end of the connection, allowing you to determine their IP address and port
number. This may be useful for debugging or diagnostic purposes.

** Minor bugs fixed

Tub.registerReference() with both name= and furlFile= arguments now works
even when the furlFile= already exists.

Tubs which have been shutdown now give more useful error messages when you
(incorrectly) try to use them again. Previously a bug caused them to emit a

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