[tahoe-dev] accounting/quota design

Brian Warner warner-tahoe at allmydata.com
Fri Mar 7 19:10:49 UTC 2008

I also spent some time yesterday working on our as-yet unfinished
account/quota management strategy. The current Tahoe release does a great job
of storing data, but it does a lousy job of enforcing limits on how much data
any given user can upload.

The goal of quota management is to keep track of who is storing what, so you
can 1) display a report of space per person, and optionally 2) do something
when that number goes above some limit. This is also the means by which a
commercial grid will deny write access to non-subscribers.

I've added a lot of design considerations to the wiki page:


My current course is to develop the "shared secret" approach described
therein, but Zooko and I have been energetically discussing the
private-key approach as an alternative.

Comments are welcome. #119 is the high-level ticket for this stuff, but a
wiki page seemed like a better place for something that might turn into a
design document.


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