[tahoe-dev] Whee! allmydata.org "Tahoe" v0.9.0 is coming!

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Sat Mar 8 03:02:40 UTC 2008


Next week, we're going to release allmydata.org "Tahoe" v0.9.0!

Also, allmydata.com will release Allmydata.com 3.0 -- the new  
consumer backup service based on the allmydata.org "Tahoe" code.   
(All of the source code for that commercial product -- clients,  
servers, web site, everything -- will be open sourced.)

Also, Brian is going to give a presentation of allmydata.org "Tahoe"  
at PyCon next weekend.

This is a big step for Tahoe -- the first deployment (as far as I  
know) in which people will be storing real, precious data that they  
do not want to lose.

The first improvement that comes to mind in Tahoe v0.9 compared to  
v0.8 which was released 2008-01-15 is the addition of lots of  
"visibility into the grid" data thanks to Brian Warner.  The web user  
interface now shows the status of recent and currently on-going  
uploads and downloads, as well as all kinds of cool low-level details  
such as how many microseconds each of the network and cryptography  
and erasure coding steps took.  Check it out!  You can play with it  
on this public gateway:


If you want to help out with the allmydata.org v0.9 release, please  
see the issue tracker [1], or post a message to this mailing list!



P.S.  I haven't heard any feedback about my proposal to name the  
filesystem "LAUGHFS", so I think I'll go ahead and slip that name to  
the next release announcement, for the benefit of people grepping  
through the Wayback Machine years from now...

[1] http://allmydata.org/trac/tahoe/roadmap

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