[tahoe-dev] large file (500mb) connection lost to the helper

Peter Secor secorp at secorp.net
Wed Mar 12 06:59:33 UTC 2008

Actually, looking at it again, 24.5% of 500MB is not 100MB, it is closer 
to 125MB, I somehow was assuming a 400MB file upload. So, this is 
probably not due to some exact file size, but maybe to do with a timeout 
that occurs at around 200Kbps * x = 125MB?

My timeout last night occurred at about 1hr20min. The "x" above is about 
80min which is almost exactly the same time spent.


Peter Secor wrote:
> This evening I started at 500mb upload at approximately 2205. I was 
> getting about 200Kbps up, and monitoring the status page 
> (http://localhost:8123/status) fairly regularly. At some point before 
> 2345, the upload stopped at 24.5% of the ciphertext uploaded and moved 
> from "Active Operations" to "Recent Operations". This is similar to the 
> problem that happened to me yesterday with a 100mb file where it stopped 
> at 99% of the ciphertext uploaded.
> Based upon these two data points, I think that there is a connection 
> drop for some reason at the segment that is 100mb. At the very least 
> there is a problem.
> This is from a Windows client, against the production mesh.
> Thoughts?
> Peter

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