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I just made a few updates to allmydata.org's "RelatedProjects" page:


Feel free to suggest additions or edits.  Or, actually, just login  
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== Related Projects ==

These projects have no specific relationship with our project, but  
they are similar in some ways and so may be of interest. We sometimes  
exchange ideas with the designers of some of these projects,  
especially on the p2p-hackers mailing list.

     * flud backup is an ambitious decentralized data backup grid.  
licence: GPLv3

     * cleversafe is a company that makes a distributed data storage  
grid. Some of the company's projects are released under GPLv2.

     * GNUnet is an anonymous, censorship-resistant, file-sharing  
network. licence: GPLv2+

     * Hadoop is open source, inspired by the Google File System,  
written in Java, supported by Yahoo, and seems to have broad  
acceptance among programmers (at least compared to the alternatives).  
licence: Apache Software Licence v2.0

     * Kosmos Distributed File System -- "KFS" -- is open source,  
inspired by the Google File System, written in C++, and recently  
announced some sort of compatibility with Hadoop. licence: Apache  
Software Licence v2.0

     * mogilefs is open source, inspired by the Google File System,  
written in Perl and uses MySQL. It was written by the folks who made  
LiveJournal. The name is an anagram for "OMG files". licence: some  
combination of BSD and GPL and Artistic.

== Interesting Vaporware ==

     * fluidinfo is a stealth-mode startup that is apparently doing  
something creative in the realm of distributed storage. The founder,  
Terry Jones, is or was a researcher in the field of artificial life  
and genetic algorithms. Here's his PhD thesis. He also contributes to  
the Twisted Python project. fluidinfo hasn't released any source code.



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