[tahoe-dev] [p2p-hackers] measure your convergence

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Thu Mar 20 23:58:49 UTC 2008


Alen Peacock wrote to me to point out that adler32 has poor behavior  
for small files, and that small files are important.  Separately, I  
realized that my "8 bits of adler32 of first 8192 bytes" wasn't that  
great of a design to minimize the privacy risks.

Also, Brian Warner wondered aloud if dupfilefind could take a list of  
arguments which are the names of directories to examine.

Therefore, I've uploaded a new version of dupfilefind -- v1.2.0 --  
which emits the first 8 bits of the md5sum of the whole file, and  
which takes an optional list of directories to inspect.

The output from dupfilefind v1.2.0's "--profiles" option is not  
comparable to the output from dupfilefind v1.1's "--profiles" option,  
so please send me the new version.

If you have easy_install, you can upgrade with "easy_install -U  

I'll compare all the compressed files that people send in and post  
the results.  If I don't reply to your e-mail please re-send, as I  
may have failed to notice it in the tide of spam.




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