[tahoe-dev] Hack Fest 4! San Francisco, Thursday, March 27, 2008

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Sun Mar 23 15:55:17 UTC 2008


Allmydata.com will host our Fourth Hack Fest this coming Thursday  
evening, starting at 17:00, at Allmydata HQ in San Francisco.

We will provide pizza, pop, pilsners [*], projectors, packets [**],  
pillows and pre-recorded music [***].  You will provide code, which  
will sing and dance on the projector screens.  Anyone who changes  
their source code and runs the result live gets double bonus points!   
We like Open Source Software (and Free Software), and peer-to-peer,  
and many other things (at Hack Fest 3, Second Life was lots of fun).

You are also welcome to come and sit quietly and stare into your  
laptop all night while chatting on IRC, like some people always do.   
Also you are welcome to drink lots of beer and excitedly tell stories  
and argue.

Please e-mail zooko at zooko.com and secorp at allmydata.com .



[*] or possibly other beers, as determined by Peter at time of purchase
[**] IPv4 only; ethernet and 802.11g available
[***] produced by Justin Boreta, mild-mannered QA guy by day, famous  
DJ by night

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