[tahoe-dev] plans for tahoe-1.3.0

Jeremy Fitzhardinge jeremy at goop.org
Tue Sep 2 19:19:39 UTC 2008

Brian Warner wrote:
> Zooko pointed out that it would be nice to have a release soon. Since
> this release is going to be mostly filled with checker/repairer work,
> it seemed like a good idea to define what our goals are for the
> release: what are we missing today, how much more do we want to get in
> before we'd feel comfortable with cutting the 1.3.0 tag.
> The main thing I want out of this release is a usable
> checker/verifier/repairer, which means:
>  * checking: just count number of available shares
>  * verifying: read share contents, check hashes
>  * repair: create new shares as necessary to replace bad/missing ones.
>    * Mutable shares are repaired in place. Note that mutable repair requires
>      a write-cap, to make sure the write-enabler shared secrets are created
>      correctly. It would be nice to be able to repair from just a read-cap or
>      a verify-cap, but this may need to wait until we switch to DSA mutable
>      files, and/or change the way we control server-side write access.
>    * Immutable shares must be manually deleted from the storage servers, so
>      repair needs a mechanism to report which shares should be examined and
>      removed. Immutable repair really means creating new shares to make up
>      for the bad ones.

In the case where shares are not well distributed (like creating a file
when there are not enough peers), would this include redistributing shares?


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