[tahoe-dev] plans for tahoe-1.3.0

Brian Warner warner-tahoe at allmydata.com
Tue Sep 2 19:33:24 UTC 2008

> In the case where shares are not well distributed (like creating a file
> when there are not enough peers), would this include redistributing shares?

Ooh, yeah, that would be a good feature to have. The mutable-checker doesn't
look at this yet (it only looks at the total number of unique shares
available, not where they are hosted), so I don't think it will be a 1.3.0
item. But I'd be happy to add it to the 1.3.1 milestone.

I'll leave it to Zooko to talk about immutable files, but my guess is that
it'd also be a 1.3.1 thing.


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