[tahoe-dev] building pycryptopp on solaris

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Tue Sep 9 21:18:29 UTC 2008

Hello Jonathan:

Thanks for trying it out.  Some googling has led me to this, which  
seems to match the symptoms you reported:

http://bugs.opensolaris.org/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=6395191 # g 
++ fails when preprocessor symbol _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED=1

Which reminds me of this old patch for Python:


A-ha, and that's the work-around for you: apply my patch to Python  
2.5.2 before building it, and post a comment to that ticket saying  
that the patch fixed your problem.  :-)

If you continue to use pycryptopp or Tahoe in the future, you should  
consider running a Solaris buildslave for us so that we can be sure  
future changes to the source code don't break the Solaris port.


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