[tahoe-dev] change install.html to use setup.py instead of Make?

Brian Warner warner-tahoe at allmydata.com
Mon Sep 15 18:44:25 UTC 2008

On Mon, 15 Sep 2008 10:30:06 -0600
zooko <zooko at zooko.com> wrote:

> Brian, Chris Galvan, anyone else:
> http://allmydata.org/source/tahoe/trunk/docs/install.html
> Currently says that you should install g++, Python, and GNU Make,
> run "make", run "make test", and then run "bin/tahoe".
> I'm not sure, but I think that some of the recent improvements  
> contributed by Brian and Chris have made it so that we are close to  
> removing GNU Make from the list of dependencies, so that the  
> instructions will say that you should install g++ and Python, run  
> "python setup.py build", and "python setup.py test", and then run  
> "bin/tahoe".
> Is that true?

Not quite. I maintained compatibility with the instructions in
docs/install.html, but changed the interface between the Makefile and
setup.py . The current setup.py -oriented process is:

 1: python setup.py build_tahoe
    (this creates the support/lib/... directory, sets PYTHONPATH/sys.path,
     and runs 'setup.py develop --prefix=.. --site-dirs=..')
 2: python setup.py trial
 3: ./bin/tahoe SUBCOMMAND

Since none of these are the same as the "traditional" setup.py workflow (i.e.
setup.py build, setup.py test), I'd recommend leaving the Makefile in place
(and leaving install.html referring to the Makefile) for this release.

The platform-dependent complexity has been removed from the Makefile, but we
are still a good ways off from removing the Makefile altogether. We are
closer to removing the need for the Makefile for the basic build/test/run
tasks. I plan to leave the Makefile in place (for other convenience targets
that I and the buildbot use a lot), even if we change install.html to
recommend 'setup.py build_tahoe' instead of 'make all', etc.

> Either way, would you either remove my optimistic note in  
> install.html saying that we can stop requiring GNU Make, or else
> make it true?  :-)

I'll remove the note.


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