[tahoe-dev] newbie questions

Alain Baeckeroot alain.baeckeroot at univ-avignon.fr
Fri Sep 19 14:16:40 UTC 2008


We just discovered Tahoe and are curious to try it for our internal use, for a 
cheap, easy to install, and redundant distributed archive system.

1/ Is it possible to specify that we have N servers and want tolerance to K 
failure ? Or to know the state of redundancy ?

2/ http://lwn.net/Articles/280483/ explains that files are locally encrypted 
with AES, then splited with some kind of error correction algorithm. Is it 
possible to not encrypt, and only use the Tahoe as a redundant distributed 
filesystem ?

3/ Did someone benchmark the performance on a LAN ? with CLI and/or fuse ?

4/ About fuse modules, found in contrib/  
	impl_a and impl_b said that only read is suportted
  but http://allmydata.org/~warner/pycon-tahoe.html says FUSE plugin:
  "allowing them to read and write arbitrary files."
  We would be very happy if read and write work under linux :-) (we don't use 
atime, nor do tricky things on our filesystems)

5/ Does it scale to TB filesystems ? 

Ideally we would like a ~15+ nodes with 500 GB each, and tolerance of 3~4 
faulty servers.

Congrats for this very impressive job. Best regards.
Alain Baeckeroot.

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