[tahoe-dev] Josh's would-be GSoC proposal

Shawn Willden shawn-tahoe at willden.org
Sun Apr 5 00:22:09 UTC 2009

On Friday 03 April 2009 05:25:45 pm zooko wrote:
> Shawn looked at the "The Black Swan", but I think he decided that he
> knew where it was going after reading only a part of it.

No, I didn't.  I just commented that in the introduction the author seemed to 
miss the forest for the trees.  After reading further, he doesn't, he was 
just oversimplifying for the purposes of introducing the concepts.

It's an interesting book.  The sorts of failures I worked on trying to model 
are firmly in "Mediocristan", though.  That doesn't rule out the possibility 
of Black Swan failure events, but by definition they're impossible to model 
effectively.  The solution is to model what we can, and to treat the results 
as an upper bound on reliability.


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