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#591: "make quicktest" could be quicker and less noisy
     Reporter:  warner     |       Owner:  nobody   
         Type:  defect     |      Status:  new      
     Priority:  major      |   Milestone:  undecided
    Component:  packaging  |     Version:  1.2.0    
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Comment(by warner):

 I have to say I'm about ready to give up on setuptools_trial .
 Rebuilding dependencies takes an extra few seconds out of each
 invocation. On my Mac laptop (which I've been using exclusively this
 week), it builds all the dependencies in the wrong place (#657), which
 takes forever, even with 'quicktest'. Running darcsver on a Mac seems to
 take forever (maybe my 'darcs' was built by that version of ghc that
 causes really slow fileio or something?). I can't pass through an
 argument to run multiple tests at once. It doesn't print out a command
 line that I *could* run to bypass all of the setuptools junk and run
 trial by myself. And to manually hack on any of these, I have to unpack
 the setuptools_trial source, edit something, repack it into a .tar.gz,
 then let the Tahoe setup.py re-extract it. And the setuptools control
 flow is not very obvious.. the one or two times I've tried to modify it
 to fix these things, I wasn't able to figure out where argv gets passed.

 So I'm tempted to throw out setuptools_trial and go back to the setup.py
 code that we had before. That, or leave 'setup.py trial' to Zooko and
 change the Makefile's 'quicktest' target (which is what I use all the
 time) to run code that I've written.

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