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zooko zooko at zooko.com
Fri Apr 10 20:12:22 UTC 2009

On Apr 10, 2009, at 10:38 AM, Kevin Reid wrote:

> Yes. First sketch: Display client computer, web gateway (wapi/Tahoe- 
> client), and storage servers in a graph. Depict the amount/rate of  
> data transferred as the thickness of the line between them. If one  
> side is spending time waiting for data/waiting for space to send  
> data rather than doing disk IO/crypto, its side of the line is wider.
> To support this I imagine instrumenting the nodes

Some measurements are already in place.  They get reported through  
the wui/wapi like this:

File Size: 123850 bytes
Total: 250ms (494.0kBps)
Peer Selection: 159ms
UEB Fetch: 20ms
Hashtree Fetch: 3.7ms
Segment Fetch: 65ms (1.89MBps)
Cumulative Fetching: 59ms (2.07MBps)
Cumulative Decoding: 77us (1608.25MBps)
Cumulative Decrypting: 5.1ms (24.47MBps)
Paused by client: 0us
Per-Server Segment Fetch Response Times:
[fcmlx6em]: 55ms
[q5l37rle]: 59ms
[7tlov7eg]: 54ms

(That file had only one segment so there is only one segment fetch  
response timing.)

Explore the "Recent Uploads and Downloads" part of the WUI.

> The visualization itself needs primarily a general and fast  
> *drawing* system. My *preference* would be for a library which  
> offers OpenGL drawing, perhaps via a scene graph/retained mode  
> interface to avoid having Python in the per-frame logic.
> Secondarily, there will probably be a few text/widget windows for  
> more-details and/or interactive functions.

A new version of PyOpenGL was just released:


Also the pyglet library includes OpenGL and has a good reputation:




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