[tahoe-dev] GSoC Tahoe project

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Sun Apr 12 02:02:41 UTC 2009

Brian pointed out some important tradeoffs:

On Apr 11, 2009, at 18:22 PM, Brian Warner wrote:

> I'd like to lobby for including this sort of functionality in the  
> webapi, instead of focussing on a GUI toolkit, since that would:
>  1) make it a part of Tahoe, specifically part of the Tahoe client  
> node, instead of requiring users to run some external program
>  2) make it available to a wider audience, instead of just those  
> who can install OpenGL/gtk/wx/etc
> This, of course, is a severe tradeoff. The biggest downsides would  
> be giving up a number of good GUI toolkits, losing some flashy  
> animation features, and performance.

I'd prefer the other side of this trade-off, because I imagine that  
animation features might turn out to be not just "flash", i.e. not  
just displaying the same information in a prettier way, but could  
actually create ways of seeing Tahoe that are impossible with the  
more limited alternative.

As a third alternative, maybe Kevin would like to try newfangled web  
animation techniques such as SVG animation or the Canvas tag.

I would support any of these three approaches, and will leave it up  
to Kevin if he has a strong preference.



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