[tahoe-dev] update on the buildbots

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Sun Apr 12 16:19:54 UTC 2009

Folks, since all the tickets for Tahoe v1.4.0 are closed, I'm looking  
at the buildbots.

One of them is Dan's ArchLinux buildbot, which is still languishing  
in the Unsupported category because it used to mysteriously fail and  
then it mysteriously started succeeding.

On Mar 21, 2009, at 20:35 PM, Dan McNair wrote:

>> What?  When did Dan's ArchLinux buildbot start succeeding?  Let's  
>> see, it was still failing with the old mysterious deep recursion  
>> in zope.interface at build #276:
>> http://allmydata.org/buildbot/builders/Dan%20ArchLinux/builds/276
>> but it has been consistently succeeding ever since, starting with  
>> build #277:
>> http://allmydata.org/buildbot/builders/Dan%20ArchLinux/builds/277
>> The changes that Brian committed which triggered build #277 don't  
>> seem to have anything to do with this issue.
>> Okay, Dan, fess up.  What did you do?
> Um ... I played with a few things ... looked at the source ...  
> tried to grok what zope.interface was doing ...
> Seriously, the only "change" is that I did a "setup.py install" in  
> the buildbot workdir. Wait, no; I built an egg, dropped it in /tmp,  
> and ran easy_install on that as a different user (one with  
> sufficient permission; of course buildbot can't install software in  
> the root).

A tahoe .egg?

I've noticed a clue.  See the difference between these two steps:


That warning message is due to divmod issue #2830.

So it seems like by step 277, when you installed Tahoe with  
easy_install then this also must have installed Nevow as an egg where  
back in 276 it was installed in some other way.  Does that make sense?

Do you think you could remove the current Nevow and then try re- 
installing Nevow using the ArchLinux installation process, to see if  
that makes the mysterious deep recursion in zope.interface recur?   
What is the ArchLinux install process for Python packages  
("distributions"), anyway?




tickets mentioned in this mail:
http://www.divmod.org/trac/ticket/2830 # setup.py incorrectly  
declares twisted.plugins to be a package
http://allmydata.org/trac/tahoe/ticket/680 # Fix for mutable files  
with FTP

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