[tahoe-dev] CodeCon! (and can I borrow your laptop and give it back in pieces?)

Peter Secor secorp at allmydata.com
Thu Apr 16 15:13:49 UTC 2009

Zooko - I have a laptop running ubuntu that should work well. I've run a 
couple nodes on it. You can definitely use it for the demo!


zooko wrote:
> Hey folks:
> If you are in San Francisco this weekend, come to CodeCon!
> http://codecon.org
> I'll be presenting Tahoe at 13:15 on Saturday, April 18.
> By the way, I was originally planning to borrow an old Pentium 133  
> laptop from Brian, show it operating as one of the storage servers in  
> the live demo (live demos are a requirement of presentations at  
> CodeCon), and then smash it to pieces with an axe.
> The demo would then proceed to show how the files can still be  
> accessed by using the remaining storage servers (which are also  
> laptops, sitting visible on stage with me).
> However, Brian can't get his P133 laptop to boot because the CMOS  
> battery is dead so it can't find its hard drive at boot time.   
> Hopefully he can get it to boot from cd and we can install Tahoe on it.
> If that doesn't work, does anyone else have a computer which is  
> powerful enough to run Tahoe, unloved enough to be sacrificed for a  
> greater cause, and flimsy enough to satisfyingly splinter under assault?
> Thanks!
> Zooko
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