[tahoe-dev] questions about development priorities for Tahoe-LAFS, summer 2009

Shawn Willden shawn-tahoe at willden.org
Wed Apr 22 18:58:03 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 22 April 2009 12:14:45 pm Zooko O'Whielacronx wrote:
> Shawn Willden is presumably still in his secret underground lair in
> Utah hacking on GridBackup.  He hasn't been very active on this list,
> but he has published his git repo...   Hm, looks like he hasn't
> updated that git repo since he first committed to it in February.  By
> the way, here is a podcast of his presentation about GridBackup to
> the Utah Python group: http://podcast.utos.org/index.php?cat=gridbackup

Some family crises have sucked up all of my spare time for a while.  That's 
tapering off, so I should be back to work on GridBackup soon.  I'm hoping 
I'll have some time this weekend.


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