[tahoe-dev] Tahoe on NAS drives

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Sat Aug 1 13:16:28 UTC 2009

Firstly, thanks Zooko for looking through my log and finding my error. I now
have a working introducor, and I am sure I will be able to put the other
parts of the network together. I want to use Tahoe for backing up my data
and I am considering building a grid.
Whilst surfing the internet I stumbled across http://www.nas-central.org/
which is a site dedicated to seeing what can be done with NAS devices. I
have an imoega network attached disk and it comes with a webfront end and it
must run a samba and ftp server. (It also has some other fancy media
streaming thing which I havn't looked into.)
Has anyone managed to get Tahoe working on a consumer NAS device? If anyone
has I would be intrested to read about your experences. I have an Iomega
device and there is no info on getting access to the underlying hardware on
the nas central site. (It might not be possible.) I am imagining buying
three or four NAS devices and convincing friends to plug them into their
ADSL routers. Then I would just need to figure out NAT translation and make
sure I understand the process of replacing the introducer and I think I will
have a pretty robust and low cost backup plan.
Robert Metcalf
robert at metcarob.com
(Note: I get so much junk I don't read my email anymore, although I do
monitor this mailing list)
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