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Sun Aug 2 20:33:25 UTC 2009

#771: tahoe ls doesn't work on files
 Reporter:  kevan    |           Owner:  nobody   
     Type:  defect   |          Status:  new      
 Priority:  major    |       Milestone:  undecided
Component:  unknown  |         Version:  1.4.1    
 Keywords:           |   Launchpad_bug:           

Comment(by kevan):

 Hm. If I look at the cap for the test case above, it is actually a dircap,
 i.e., if I do {{{tahoe ls testdir/file2}}}, the {{{GET}}} request sent to
 the server looks like


 which contains a read-write dircap. By the webapi docs
 the results of this {{{GET}}} should include metadata, but they don't.
 This seems like a bug -- is there any place in particular that I might
 look to find it?

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