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#778: "shares of happiness" is the wrong measure; "servers of happiness" is
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Comment(by zooko):

 > I'm not sure how this k interacts with the number-of-shares k. Are you
 assuming implicitly that there is only one share per server?

 Treat that as an "implementation detail" that Tahoe-LAFS can optimize as
 it likes, as long as the guarantee that it offers to the user still holds:
 that there are {{{h}}} servers, the survival of any {{{k}}} of which will
 guarantee the survival of the file.  (Where there will be {{{m}}} total
 servers if possible, but at least {{{h}}} servers, or else the upload

 That seems to be what users like metacrob think that we are already
 offering, and it is also the property that I would like from my backups.
 It is "the erasure-coding property" as applied to servers, not to shares.
 (Under the hood, of course, Tahoe-LAFS has to produce shares and then
 decide how to upload them in order to achieve this property and also to
 optimize other things like up- and down- transfer performance.)

 (Also, I think that it can be implemented as a small patch to the current
 upload algorithm.)

 Shawn: what do you think?

 Kevan: you're now my test to see whether I'm making sense about this
 topic.  Is the above coherent?  :-)

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