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#607: DIR2:CHK
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Comment(by warner):

 Another good feature of an immutable-file based directory is that it could
 repaired, unlike our current RSA-based (write-enabler-based) mutable
 when referenced through a readcap (#625), like the ones created by "tahoe

 I'd like to implement this, and change "tahoe backup" to use it. The basic
 steps I anticipate are:

  * implement {{{create_dirnode(mutable=True, initial_children={})}}}
  * replace the existing {{{create_empty_dirnode()}}} with that
  * refactor {{{DirectoryNode}}} to separate out the underlying filenode
    better. The idea would be to nail down the interface that dirnodes need
    from the filenode that they've wrapped. The read side just needs
    The write side needs the normal mutable-filenode operations, like
    modify(). We should have an immutable filenode which offers the same
    read-side interface as the mutable filenode does.
  * change the "!NodeMaker" code to create dirnodes by first creating a
    filenode and then passing it as the constructor to {{{Dirnode()}}}. It
    useful to first change the way that uploads are done, and create a
    kind of immutable filenode for upload purposes. This "gestating" node
    would have an interface to add data, would perform the upload while
    is added, and would then have a finalize() method, which would finish
    upload process, compute the filecap, and return the real
    which can be used for reading. Making this special node have the same
    interface as a mutable filenode's initial-upload methods would let
    be oblivious to the type of filenode it's been given.

 I'm planning to require that the contents of an immutable directory are
 immutable (LIT, CHK, and DIR2:CHK, not regular mutable DIR2), so that
 objects are always deep-readonly. (there may be an argument to provide
 shallow-readonly directories, but I think deep-readonly is more generally

 I'm pondering if there's a way to support multi-level trees in the future
 without drastic changes, so that this one-level immutable directory could
 turn into a full "virtual CD" (#204), with better performance (by bundling
 whole tree of directories into a single distributed object). This would
 suggest making the name table accept tuples of names instead of just a

 I've also wondered if we should implement some faster lookup scheme for
 immutable dirnodes, especially because we don't need to update it later.
 Maybe djb's "cdb" (constant-time database). I'm not sure that a database
 which has been optimized for minimal disk seeks will necessarily help us
 here, since the segment size is drastically larger than what a hard disk
 offers, and the network roundtrip latency is frequently an order of
 larger too. But certainly we can come up with something that's easier to
 and unpack than the DIR2 format.

 Also, we can discard several things from the DIR2 format: we don't need
 writecaps (just the readcaps), and we obviously don't need the obsolete
 We probably still want the metadata dictionary, although that would
 potentially interfere with the grid-side convergence that Zooko mentioned.

 Changing the table format would remove some of the benefits (and thus
 motivation) to the other refactoring changes described above: if we've got
 separate class for immutable-dirnodes, then there's not much point in
 contorting mutable and immutable filenodes to present the same interface.
 But, it would probably be cleaner overall if there were just one dirnode
 class, whose mutability is determined solely by asking the underlying
 filenode about its own mutability. In this case, all the mutating methods
 will still exist on the immutable dirnodes, but they'd throw an exception
 you actually try to call them in that situation, just as they do now.

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