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#795: append-only files
 Reporter:  warner        |           Owner:           
     Type:  enhancement   |          Status:  new      
 Priority:  major         |       Milestone:  undecided
Component:  code-mutable  |         Version:  1.5.0    
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Comment(by warner):

 oh, and of course, if the appendcap truely doesn't give you the ability to
 read any data, then this needs a public encryption key (like RSA or El-
 Gamal, not DSA). Each "append" message would have the data encrypted with
 a randomly-generated symmetric key, and then the key would be encrypted to
 the readcap's RSA decryption privkey.

 There might be some other sort of "append-and-read-cap", which gives you
 both the ability to append messages and to read the existing messages (but
 not to remove anything: that is reserved for the writecap holder). I can
 imagine use-cases for both. This sort of cap would have a more straight-
 line derivation: writecap -> append-and-read-cap -> readcap.

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