[tahoe-dev] Privacy of data when stored on allmydata.com

Andrej Falout andrej at falout.org
Tue Feb 3 01:13:39 UTC 2009

Hello all,

I was told that "that for the production site, we need your root cap in
order to do accounting which implicitly means that we have access to all of
your files. We plan on changing this going forward, but at the moment you
will have to rely upon an external encryption mechanism if you want to
secure data from us."

Which makes me wonder about the following:

1) tahoe cp -r ... is in that case not an option for any data that needs to
be secured. Does anyone have a suggesting of what to do so that all files
passed to tahoe client are allready encrypted?

2) I assume this will remove any chance of using rsync, Unison, or simmilar
to keep local disk and tahoe store in sync, and that the only strategy for
backups will be to do a full backup to a single encrypted file, and then do
differential backups? Which would mean that each file that was changed will
need to be uploaded completely, and not just the parts that changed? And
after restore, all files that where deleted sin the meantime will reappear
on restored file system? And files versioning is out of the question?

BTW: platform is Linux

Any suggestions are very much appreciated.
Andrej Falout
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