[tahoe-dev] Upload to prod not working from Linux Tahoe?

Brian Warner warner-tahoe at allmydata.com
Tue Feb 3 21:06:29 UTC 2009

On Tue, 3 Feb 2009 18:02:10 +1100
Andrej Falout <andrej at falout.org> wrote:

> tahoe ls --node-directory='/home/andrej/.tahoe-allmydata.com/' "data/sync
> test"
> 1
> 1~
> 3_renamed
> But I see nothing on https://www.allmydata.com/webdrive/index.php
> I was expecting that the files will show up after a while, as they do if I
> copy them to Windows mounted drive. What am I doing wrong?

I suspect that your linux node is accessing a different Tahoe directory than
the www.allmydata.com webdrive.

The www.allmydata.com webdrive shows the contents of your "rootcap" (a
capability string, starting with URI:DIR2:, which grants read+write access to
a directory and everything reachable through it), which is a starting-point
directory that is created when you create your allmydata.com account and is
stored in a database that is accessed by the webdrive. To manipulate that
directory from the command line, you'll need an alias that points to it.
Let's call this directory URI:DIR2:AAA . (of course, you should only reveal
the actual contents of a dircap string to people with whom you want to share
that directory).

How did you set up the "tahoe:" alias in the CLI tool?

If you created your "tahoe:" alias with "tahoe create-alias", then your linux
machine's Tahoe node is using an isolated directory that is not connected to
your www.allmydata.com filesystem. "tahoe create-alias" creates a brand-new
directory (not connected to anything else) and stores the dircap in
~/.tahoe/aliases . If that's what happened, let's call this directory

So, if my suspicions are correct, your allmydata.com rootcap is AAA, and the
webdrive will show you only the contents of AAA. Your linux node has an alias
of BBB, and will only show you the contents of BBB.

If so, you have three basic options:

 1: obtain a copy of your allmydata.com rootcap AAA, and attach it as a child
    of your local BBB "tahoe:" alias directory. This effectively puts the
    allmydata.com webdrive space into a subdirectory of your linux node's
    reachable space: there will be some things that your linux node can get
    but which your allmydata.com webdrive cannot.
 2: take your local BBB directory and attach it as a child of your
    allmydata.com AAA directory. This puts your linux node's directory
    underneath the allmydata.com directory, so there will be things that the
    webdrive can reach which the linux node cannot. (note, I don't think the
    webdrive has a UI for attaching caps as children, so it may not be
    convenient to exercise this option)
 3: discard your local BBB directory, get a copy of the allmydata.com AAA
    rootcap, and use "tahoe set-alias tahoe AAA" to make your linux node
    point to the same directory as the allmydata.com directory. This is the
    simplest approach: both the www.allmydata.com webdrive and your local
    linux node will be looking at the same directory.

I'm not sure how you obtain the "AAA" rootcap, but I think Peter knows (it
involves your allmydata.com username and password, of course).

hope that helps,

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