[tahoe-dev] Upload to prod not working from Linux Tahoe?

Andrej Falout andrej at falout.org
Wed Feb 4 09:11:27 UTC 2009

Thank you very much Brian for the detailed explanation. This is probably a
good material for a Linux Wiki page?

I tried the "easiest" variant (3), after obtaining the URI for root_dir.cap
file (from https://www.allmydata.com/native_client.php) . However tahoe
set-alias tahoe ...etc.. command returns only

Unknown command: set-alias

Guessing it may be the add-alias, I tried that, but I cannot find a
combination of parameters that would be accepted. For instance:

tahoe create-alias --node-directory='/home/andrej/.tahoe-allmydata.com/'
tahoe URI:DIR2:blahblah...etc

/usr/local/bin/tahoe:  Wrong number of arguments.

What am I missing?


On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 8:06 AM, Brian Warner <warner-tahoe at allmydata.com>wrote:

> On Tue, 3 Feb 2009 18:02:10 +1100
> Andrej Falout <andrej at falout.org> wrote:
> > tahoe ls --node-directory='/home/andrej/.tahoe-allmydata.com/'
> "data/sync
> > test"
> > 1
> > 1~
> > 3_renamed
> > NWE
> >
> > But I see nothing on https://www.allmydata.com/webdrive/index.php
> >
> > I was expecting that the files will show up after a while, as they do if
> I
> > copy them to Windows mounted drive. What am I doing wrong?
> I suspect that your linux node is accessing a different Tahoe directory
> than
> the www.allmydata.com webdrive.
> The www.allmydata.com webdrive shows the contents of your "rootcap" (a
> capability string, starting with URI:DIR2:, which grants read+write access
> to
> a directory and everything reachable through it), which is a starting-point
> directory that is created when you create your allmydata.com account and
> is
> stored in a database that is accessed by the webdrive. To manipulate that
> directory from the command line, you'll need an alias that points to it.
> Let's call this directory URI:DIR2:AAA . (of course, you should only reveal
> the actual contents of a dircap string to people with whom you want to
> share
> that directory).
> How did you set up the "tahoe:" alias in the CLI tool?
> If you created your "tahoe:" alias with "tahoe create-alias", then your
> linux
> machine's Tahoe node is using an isolated directory that is not connected
> to
> your www.allmydata.com filesystem. "tahoe create-alias" creates a
> brand-new
> directory (not connected to anything else) and stores the dircap in
> ~/.tahoe/aliases . If that's what happened, let's call this directory
> So, if my suspicions are correct, your allmydata.com rootcap is AAA, and
> the
> webdrive will show you only the contents of AAA. Your linux node has an
> alias
> of BBB, and will only show you the contents of BBB.
> If so, you have three basic options:
>  1: obtain a copy of your allmydata.com rootcap AAA, and attach it as a
> child
>    of your local BBB "tahoe:" alias directory. This effectively puts the
>    allmydata.com webdrive space into a subdirectory of your linux node's
>    reachable space: there will be some things that your linux node can get
>    but which your allmydata.com webdrive cannot.
>  2: take your local BBB directory and attach it as a child of your
>    allmydata.com AAA directory. This puts your linux node's directory
>    underneath the allmydata.com directory, so there will be things that
> the
>    webdrive can reach which the linux node cannot. (note, I don't think the
>    webdrive has a UI for attaching caps as children, so it may not be
>    convenient to exercise this option)
>  3: discard your local BBB directory, get a copy of the allmydata.com AAA
>    rootcap, and use "tahoe set-alias tahoe AAA" to make your linux node
>    point to the same directory as the allmydata.com directory. This is the
>    simplest approach: both the www.allmydata.com webdrive and your local
>    linux node will be looking at the same directory.
> I'm not sure how you obtain the "AAA" rootcap, but I think Peter knows (it
> involves your allmydata.com username and password, of course).
> hope that helps,
>  -Brian

Andrej Falout
AU: +61 (410) 463 735 NZ: +64 (21) 0256 6825 US: +1 (360) 488 0970
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