[tahoe-dev] plans for tahoe-1.3.0 release

Zooko O'Whielacronx zookog at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 21:27:13 UTC 2009

Here are my notes from my blog [1] about the tahoe-1.3.0 release.  You
can help!  Install and test the current trunk on your system, or help
fix any of these bugs:

Things to do for the tahoe-1.3.0 release; see also the Tahoe Roadmap [2]:

    * remove the cygwin buildslave from the list of supported
platforms, move it to a new list of unsupported platforms, report this
issue to twisted and cygwin via bug reports with minimal test cases ;
or fix the cygwin buildslave — maybe it just needs --reactor=poll or
    * clean up the repairer tests — probably comment many of them out
since they are written to test a repairer that discriminates among
servers on upload, probably add a verify run after the remaining ones
so that it is judging more carefully the state of the shares after
repair instead of just judging the repairer's report
    * tahoe #608: premature abort of upload if some shares were
already present and some servers fail
    * figure out why dreid and Andrzej Falout are both reporting bad
performance from the prod grid

Things to do after the tahoe-1.3.0 release:

    * write back on this thread [3] on tahoe-dev and say "No, no, it
really is almost as easy as Shawn originally thought. Go, Shawn, go."
    * figure out why setuptools/zetuptoolz is rebuilding things when
python ./setup.py test after it just built them when python ./setup.py
    * pycryptopp improvements — link against system libcryptopp.so for
Debian and Fedora packagers, add new improved ECDSA, build out more
buildbots, etc.
    * accounting/garbage-collection/quotas/etc.
    * write up all those documents described in 2009-02-06
    * write up my new idea for immutable crypto caps
    * start backing up all my personal files with tahoe
    * one zillion other things



[1] http://testgrid.allmydata.org:3567/uri/URI:DIR2-RO:j74uhg25nwdpjpacl6rkat2yhm:kav7ijeft5h7r7rxdp5bgtlt3viv32yabqajkrdykozia5544jqa/wiki.html
[2] http://allmydata.org/trac/tahoe/roadmap
[3] http://allmydata.org/pipermail/tahoe-dev/2009-January/001056.html

tickets mentioned in this mail:
http://allmydata.org/trac/tahoe/ticket/608 # premature abort of upload
if some shares were already present and some servers fail

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