[tahoe-dev] Bug in 'backup' command

Brian Warner warner-tahoe at allmydata.com
Mon Feb 16 23:12:43 UTC 2009

On Mon, 16 Feb 2009 21:38:03 +1100
Andrej Falout <andrej at falout.org> wrote:

> while running "tahoe backup":

> sqlite3.ProgrammingError: You must not use 8-bit bytestrings unless
> you use a text_factory that can interpret 8-bit bytestrings (like
> text_factory = str). It is highly recommended that you instead just
> switch your application to Unicode strings.
> Command exited with non-zero status 1

Rats, it's another unicode error. Am I right in guessing that this occurred
with a file or directory that had non-ascii characters in its name? What
is the return value of os.listdir() on the parent directory? (i.e. does
it return Latin-1 bytes, or UTF-8 bytes, or what?).

I've created #629 to track this one.


#629: http://allmydata.org/trac/tahoe/ticket/629

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